Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How I organize my closet!

Hi Guys!
Today I'm going to share with you how I organized my closet!
My biggest challenged when I moved in was to organize my closets. The main
problem was that the closets didn't had any  type of shelves or drawers inside.
So, I had to find a solution. I bought a tiny book shelf from Ikea at the kids section
and that is where I keep all my winter jumpers and sweaters! Then, I bought a little
drawers to store my underwear and scarves, etc..
                                                               I like to have everything organize so I had to figure out a solution that would make me
happy. I love the way my closets turned out and even though it's probably not the best system
in the world, I'm pretty happy with them!
You can also check my video if you would like to see the closet tour!

XoXo, Anita


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  1. Hey ! Super article et super video comme toujours !! Ton blog commence très bien ! L'idée de faire en deux langue différente et super ! Bisous. Audrey