Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Favorites - Plan With Anita

Hi guys! Today I'm going to talk about my January favorites!
Each month I have favorites items that I use on my planners or for
 organizing my home. This month, I have a few favorites and they are all related
with my wonderful planner world!
My first favorite is my Xyron! I got it in mid December as a gift from my 
wonderful planner buddy and I have been loving it! It's so simple to use
and so practical that I have been using it almost everyday! I'm a big fan!

In my monthly favorites I always have washi tape! Yes, I do love one particular washi tape or
two each month! This month I have three favorites! One gold and two pinks. Pink is always
my favorite! 

Just like washi tape, I also have a favorite sticky note or post-it every month.
In January I have been using a lot of those cute owl post-its! They are the cutest!
I do use them a lot to study and mark important things in my notes, not only
in my planners. I kind of have a color code so this is perfect!

My last favorite item is my new laminator! I didn't even knew I needed one
until I got it! This is the best thing I have ever purchase! Well, probably
not the best but very close! I have been laminating so many things. 
It's crazy how you get addicted to certain things!

If you would like to know which planner was my favorite during the month
of January, please check out my Favorites Video!

XoXo, Anita

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