Saturday, June 13, 2015

Plan With Me - Filofax and Plum Paper Planner

When I started in the planner community, I remember saying
"I don't want a Filofax". Yes, I said it! I was looking at all the Maldens or
Finsburry Filofaxes and I couldn't see myself with one of these!
Then, I saw someone posting about The Original Filofax and I was sold!
I felt in love with The Original and the fluro pink was the first one I felt in love with!
And here I am, in love with my own! Click here to watch the video of my inpulsive buy!
I also absolutely love the nude color which
I think is so classy and classic. That's such a classic planner and I love it!

Not only I think the planner looks very nice, I felt in love with the leather!
It's so smooth and good quality that you know you have a good planner is your hands!
This is surely a long lasting planner. I can tell this planner will be around for years!
The leather is very smooth and it smells like it. Such a treat!

Even though I am not a fan of other Filofaxes models, I can guarantee you that
if you purchase any planner from them, you will get a good quality planner!

Another planner that I really likes this year is my Studen planner!
I talked about it in a few videos that you can watch here and here.
This planner is from Plum Paper Planner that you can find on Etsy. What I love
about Plum Paper is all the option you have to personalize your planner: outside and inside!

 I will for sure order more from Plum Paper because I felt in love with the pages quality!
It's so easy to write in it and they feel so soft! I am pretty sure I love it more than Erin Condren!
The student planner is great for its job and is very well made for that purpose! 
If you haven't check Plum Paper before, I highly recommend you to check their shop!
The only thing I am not a fan of is the cover, but the rest of it is very good!

Do you have any of those planners?
I would like to know what you think about those two brands! If you would
like to see the video about this post, it will be posted down bellow.


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