Sunday, June 7, 2015

Plan a healthy Lifestyle!

Hi Friends! I feel like I only write on my blog to talk about
healthy eating or fitness! I guess this is just what I have been into lately
and so this is what I have to share! But promise, I will be posting on my 
blog more frequently! Today I am here to show you how I plan my fitness routine!

First I want to invite you to join me in my new facebook group!
This is a community where you can share your journey on a healthier lifesyte!
You can post your daily pictures of everything you want to share: food, workouts, motivation!
Like I said, today I'm sharing with you my fitness planner.
This is a part on my A5 Kikki.k where I'm using the monthly calendar that
came with the planner. I like that I can have a view at the month! 
I am using the notes section on the right side to add a few motivation and goals.
I think it's important to set those goals because they make us work harder!
At the bottom, I use two stickers to track my weight. I am not in a diet and
I don't pretend to lose any weight, but I like to track it somewhere!

I like to use colorful stickers to place my workout routines. The ones who say "outdoor" are
actually a class that I do twice a week. It's a group workout outdoor, kind of
like a bootcamp! It's super energetic and I love it!! Then, I do a step video a few
times a week and each week I try to go for runs, walks or jogging! 

As you can see, after each day of successful workout, I place a smiley sticker
 or positive sticker! This helps me stay motivated to get only green stickers!
Another thing that I do is to track my calories. Since I workout with my Polar watch,
I like to write how many calories I spent that day.

At the end of the month, I will count the total calories.
This just helps me stay motivated and to do more each month!
Don't forget to watch my videos on the " Plan a Healthy Lifestyle" series


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