Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sticker subscriptions!

It's not a secret that I love planning with cute stickers and washi tape. Stickers have given me the chance to be more creative without having to draw anything ( since I am very bad at it!) and plan in style! There are so much more you can do with stickers than just stick them to a notebook! Nowadays, there are stickers that help you stay on track with your organization and projects! Those are the ones I love: fun and functional to help you build your dream life. What else can we ask for?
So,naturally I looked around and search for amazing stickers. I found a few stores with very cute stickers but a few weeks ago an awesome company reached out to me and proposed to send me one of their sticker subscription boxes! How cool is that? You can now get a monthly envelope with tons of stickers and postcards! They are great for planning, crafting ans scrapbooking. Take a look..

Isn't that a cute packaging? I got excited just by the cute envelope I got in the mail. Details do matter!
But what really surprised me is that you really get a lot of stickers. Many other subscriptions don't offer that many stickers! This is a really good deal and they are offering my subscribers 15% off with the coupon code "ANITA15". Now, how nice is that? Get a looks at their website to be insipired!
Also, don't forget to watch my video where I am unboxing my package and take a look at everything!


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