Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back to school - Stationery lover

I wonder what made me love stationery so much ever since I am a kid! I remember that I was super excited every time I was going back to school shopping. The excitement of picking new binders, new notebooks and pens but specially the excitement of picking my new planner for the school year. I loved that! I remember there was always so many planners that I literally spent hours looking for the right one. Some years I went for a weekly view and some years I went for a daily view. I didn't had any requirement, I was just looking at the planner: the colors outside and inside, if it had any quotes or pictures inside and I remember paying attention to the pages quality! Good paper makes the difference! Still to this day I absolutely love shopping for back to school. I am in college now but it hasn't changed. I still love to have cute stationery to help me motivate to school and study. Am I the only one or does cute stationery makes you feel more motivated to study too?  

What is your back to school memory? 

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