Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Favorite Palette by Douglas

If you know me, you know I am a very girly girl! Ever since I was a kid I loved playing with makeup and I still love to play with it! I am always very excited to try out new makeup products and always very happy to discover new items! Today, I am sharing with you my most recent purchase! A beautiful eye shadow palette from Douglas called " My favorite palette". Take a look at those beautiful nudes!

I actually had no idea that Douglas had their own makeup! I went to the store to buy a certain palette that they always have around the holidays and this year they decided to sell their own palette instead! You can find two different palettes in store: shimmer eye shadows or nudes! I had no idea which one I wanted so I am pretty sure I will go back to grab the other one...oops! In the mean time, I got the nude one because you can never go wrong with nude colors,right? At least I think so!

This is a very pretty palette. The colors are great for a natural daily look but with a little patience you can also create a beautiful evening look and a few smokey eyes! I love the colors!

The quality of the palette is pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised since I didn't know what to expect in the first place! I will definitely be looking for more makeup from the brand and taste it out. I am pretty sure I will get the other palette and maybe buy a few more as Christmas presents!

If you have a Douglas near by,and if you love makeup, I would totally recommend you checking these palettes because I personally think they are worth it! Hope you enjoy them as well!


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