Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kiko Lipstick Review

A few weeks ago I bought a lipstick from the Holiday collection from Kiko. I choose a mate color even though I usually don't like to wear mate lipsticks and I am pretty happy with my choice!

The first thing I noticed was the packaging! It is very festive and I actually really like the gold color! Very festive and shinny,perfect for me! I like that the packaging is a bit different than the regular lipsticks from Kiko,it gives it a plus and I found it pretty elegant and chic!I love it..

The color is very rich and pigmented. I absolutely love that burgundy color for Fall and Winter and the mate just gives it an extra touch. Such a beautiful color for the season! The lipstick is very light and easy to wear. It stays on for a while and it doesn't dry my lips which is something I was worried about! The only thing I noticed is that the color doesn't stay on very well if I apply any kind of balm to my lips first! But since the lipstick is quite moisturizing it's not a big deal! 

It is definitely a collection that I would recommend.I am not a fan of the regular Kiko lipsticks because they don't fix well on my lips, but this has been my favorite lipstick in the last few weeks and I genuinely love it.And I will probably get my hands on a few other colors too..  


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