Friday, July 24, 2015

Working out while injured!

I have said a few times that it is really important to me to have a healthy lifestyle.
I am still struggling with eating as healthy as I would like because sometimes I still
eat a few things that idealistically I wouldn't, but for the most part I have been proud of me!
Eating is a huge part of an healthy lifestle. However, I can't tell you enough how important
and beneficial for your health  it is to have regular physical activity! Even though I am recovering
from my surgery not even two weeks ago, I am still finding ways to workout. Let's take a look!

As you might know, I had a foot surgery less than two weeks ago. For that reason, I can't walk for the next 6 weeks. However, I didn't want to just sit around all day and don't have at least a little bit of exercise ( even though walking with crutches is already hard!). For that matters, I decided to take note of all the exercises that I know where I don't need to use my feet. It can seem very hard but it was actually very easy to think about! That is actually not even a problem! So, three days after my surgery I started working out again. Not something too crazy, obviously, but for me the most important is to have a little bit of exercise every day. I am starting with 10 minutes every day for the first few days. Then, it will be 15 minutes per day and so on. As long as I don't make any bad movement for my foot there isn't any problem. So why should I just sit all day when I can do that?
In the picture, you can take a look at my fitness planner. It helps me  stay motivated and on track!

If you are wondering what type of exercises I am doing and where I am working out, the answer might surprise you! In order to prevent any injury I am actually working out in bed. You can find many videos on the internet on How to exercise while in bed but I am doing my own program. It has many varieties of abs, a few back kicks, leg swings, leg lifts and many arms workouts. It is not too hard and I don't have any excuses. My doctor told me I was good to go since I wasn't moving my foot so I am more than happy to do a little exercise every day. At least, I won't feel too bad for staying home all day and don't exercise for a couple months! And, my mom has been really nice and makes my smoothies in the morning and salads for my dishes. What else can I ask for? I also really wanted to encourage you to start working out if you are not already! I know it's hard and sometimes it's super hard to find motivation, but the benefits are endless for your health and mind!

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