Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Decorate with me!

One of the reasons why I love decorating my planner is because it makes me
want to go back to a pretty planner. It's a second childhood where I get to be
more creative than in a very strict day to day life! So why not?
This week, I am sharing on my Youtube Channel a new Decorate with me video!

This week I am decorating my Weekly Blog Planner pad from my own design.
If you would like to purchase it, it's a collaboration between me and a really nice
portuguese brand. Here is the link for the weekly blog planner pad
I have to say that I already love the design of the notepad, but sometimes I enjoy adding a
bit of color.  No need for too much, a little bit of washitape and a few stickers! 
Doesn't it look so different with just a few changes? I am in love with those colors!

In the video, I am also showing you how I decorated my Original Filofax.
I only had a few rolls of washitape and only a couple stickers so you will see how I did
to add a little something more to what could be a boring layout! I hope you enjoy!


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