Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Summer Top 3

Everyone has essentials for every season, right?
I like seasonal living and I wish I could do even more like changing my house decor!
Unfortunately, I am still a student and can't do it just yet. But I will definitely..
In today's post I am sharing my Top 3 summer essentials. Planner related!
Just like we have summer clothing, spring foods and many other seasonal living
essentials, I do like to incorporate some of those things in my planners!
Ready to take a look at my Top 3 summer planner essentials?

1) Pink everywhere 
My first essential for summer is the color pink! Well, maybe not just for summer...
Pink is my favorite color and I feel like summer ( and spring) is the time of the years
where I can show my bright pink planners! How gorgeous is the neon Original Filofax?
Pink is everywhere in my planners. From the covers to the decorative washi tape! Pink makes
me happy and summer definitely is a happy time during the year, right?

2) Special wish list!
For me, summer is the perfect time to think about what I need. Usually, I make a few list
on things that I need and a list of things that I really want ( but do I need them?).
Since I'm a student, I have many things on a back to school list and let me tell you that shopping
for back to school is probably one of my favorite thing to do during summer! I love making list and this year I found the perfect one! In this list I already have a space for things that I need and a space for things that I want! How convenient?

 This lovely insert is from The SweetestChelle shop!

 3) Less planners!
It's' not a secret that I use many planners at the same time! And I love my system!
However,during summer, and because I have less responsibilities, I enjoy using less planners!
This years, and since I am not home for a few weeks, I decided to bring with me only two planners!
I have my personal Kikki.k and my Original Filofax! They are working great and obviously they are pink!

  What are your summer essentials?

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