Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Book Club!

As I said in my last post, one of my  goals for this summer is to read a few books.
For that matter, I already selected a few to read. As you may know, I have two
native languages as I learned French and Portuguese at the same time. Since I live in 
Portugal, it's easier for me to find  books in portuguese. However, I have to admit 
that I find it easier for me to read in french. Strange since I do memorize better in portuguese!
Today, I am sharing with you the books I selected for my summer book club!

 The first book I wanted to read is the very famous "Not that kind of girl" from Lena Dunham.
I really wanted to read this book in english but I couldn't find it in Portugal. Well, the
story should be the same, right? I don't know what to expect from this book so I can't wait to start.
I haven't read anything about it because I want to discover by myself! 

Another book that I am reading this summer is actually a book that I started last summer!
For some reason I had forgotten about it! Yes, I did forgot about a book I was reading.
I have to say I was super excited to start reading it, but the first few chapters weren't what 
I was expecting and after a beach vacation where I didn't finished the book I completely forgot
about it! This summer I really want to finish it and hopefully it will motivate me to really
start running on a daily basis once I will be  ready to go after my recovery!
This second book is "Running like a girl" by Alexandra Heminsley.

Last but not least, I started reading a few books from french authors.
I recently finished all the books from Michel Bussi that I really loved and I am now
starting Musso.  So far I am in love! I really recommend these two authors to anyone who
would like to try any french book or french author. The first book I am reading from Musso is
"sauve-moi" which means "save me".  Really good book for summer !

These are the first three book I selected to read this summer but I hope to read some more!
I would like to know which books are you guys reading and when do you make time
to read!! I usually read before bed or, right now since I am recovering from a surgery,
during the afternoon with a fruit snack! I will be back at the end of the summer for
a summer book club review! 


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